I am a wife and mom, a small business owner, homeschool teacher, and writer! I LOVE LIFE!!! I LOVE to LOVE!  I wake up wondering what impact that I can make today. Traveling is my jam- I NEED to meet new people and experience new cultures, yet I’m the biggest homebody ever!! A complete contradiction for sure! I’m a self proclaimed foodie and love the heck out of WINE. I see art and find relationships breaking bread and sipping with my people. I’m a sports fanatic, all sports, but as a young girl I really loved NASCAR. Give me some running shoes and a path and I’m one happy lady. I can't wait to start chatting about matters of the heart, restaurants, fine wines, my messy life, my oils, my faith (LOVE ME SOME JESUS) and lots of in-betweens!!

Join me on this journey.


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