Chicago-By Day

I get asked a lot about where my guy and I go to eat when we hit Chicago.    There is something about walking on a brisk day in this beautiful city, wind blowing (it's always blowing), breeze in your hair (if only I had some) and his hand in mine!!  We talked the other day about how the fall brings with it something so romantic and fresh- even though everything is dying.  Grabbing a great lunch and possible cocktail really add to the sweet aura of the season!  We really do like to mix it up a ton but I thought I would share some of our favorites!!

Our Favorites- Not in any special order

1. Nico Osteria 1015 N Rush Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611  312.994.7100.  We Love this place for an upscale- but approachable- brunch feel.  They have fantastic oysters.  YOU MUST TRY.  Their mignonette sauce is one of my favs!!!  Although it may be hard to imagine oysters and then Spaghetti Carbonara- but holy goodness it's good!!  It has bacon, egg yolk with the perfect balance of mojama (tuna).  It is so spectacular!!

Nico Osteria

Nico Osteria

2.  Little Goat  820 W Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60607  •  312 888 3455 This place is straight up fun, funky and it reminds us of Europe.  Holy cows alive even if you are coming for breakfast you HAVE to try their fried onions and pickles!  They come with ranch and a curry aioli. TO DIE FOR!! I am very well aware that my breakfast habits are not traditional but next stop is the chili- You don't want to miss it!  They have this pizza poofs in there that totally add something fun!  I'm personally in love with their Fish Tostadas with crisp whitefish, shallot aioli,chickpeas and onion salad.  GET IN MY MOUTH.  So good!

3.  Wishbone 1001 W. Washington, 312.850.2663  Located in the west loop this southern style delight is just a down home, fun place to go!!  I love me some crawfish cakes and crab cakes- and this is the place to come.  Throw in some cheddar grits and boy oh boy you've got something there!!  There is no place like Wishbone to have a yummy southern home cooked meal!!!  Not to mention the people are so sweet and friendly.  Get there!

4.  Luxbar 18 E. Bellevue, Chicago, IL 60611, 312 642 3400 This place is great when we wake up in the city on a Saturday morning and we are looking for a yummy breakfast that won't take too long!!  Again going with the unconventional- their Tuna Tartare is delicious!  It's got a slight kick and we love it! (It's usually my breakfast.)  My guy really likes their Classic Benedict.  They didn't reinvent the wheel here-but it's always great!

5.  Carnivale Chicago702 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60661 (312) 850-5005  The vibe in this place is just fun.  You could be standing waiting for your reservation and your feet start moving to the music.  (I'm dancing again.)  Their ceviche's are amazing.  They are so fresh and delicious!! The calamari is a must!! It has Green papaya, carrots, malanga, cilantro, smoked hazelnuts, sweet and sour adobo that just jumps in your mouth.  Spectacular!  Want something fun?  Try their Organic Cotton Candy with house made Carmel Corn.  I felt like a young kid in love!

I have already featured a few other places that I would ABSOLUTELY go by day as well:  The Hampton Social and Au Cheval for sure!!!  

For my guy and I dating during the day is a lot of fun and a must!! There are so many choices and it tends to be cheaper.  Any time we can spend time together enjoying new food and great places is a win.  These places are fun and will definitely leave you with something good to talk about.  Day dates are where it's at!