A Letter To Me

Due to some unforeseen, unfortunate circumstances we have experienced one of the toughest seasons of our life.  I have been thinking about how although the last few years have been years I wish never happened- I’ve learned lessons and experienced PEOPLE in ways I may never have.  I will be eternally grateful for my hubby and kids and our families and great friends that have loved on us through it.  Although their love and compassion mean the world to us at the end of the day we had to dig deeper and work harder.  I learned more about me during this time than I ever imagined and I have found passion.  Many of us have seen times that we wished we never experienced.  Times that we wish would go away.  Standing somewhere close (I HOPE) to the end of my time I still wish I could have told myself all the goodness that would come out of this time a few years ago…..


Dear EB-

I know you’re frightened and afraid.  I know that the waters that you are wading through right now are murky and unfamiliar.  I don’t want you to worry.  I know that it is so hard in this moment to see light. Things are going to be hard- for this I’m sure-but during the next few years you are also going to see brightness.  The problem is that the brightness is going to come outside of your comfort zone- so you may not recognize it-be aware!  You are going to experience different joy- things that you never thought would give you joy will make your toes tingle. You will have clarity in things you never imagined and never thought yourself capable.

Life can throw you curve balls.  Nobody wants a curve ball.   This is not something you asked for- this is something you deal with.  This is where your adult pants get put on one leg at a time and you just do it- you don’t give up.  Your skills, your experiences, your passion and your faith will see you through- and you will hit that darn ball out of the park.  Occasionally you have to close your eyes and let your instincts take over.  You will learn things that had you not gone through this you may never have learned.   Here are some key things I want you to know:

Have Faith:  Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."  You can’t just say it- believe it.  All of your fears lack faith and it is in your faith you will forever find solace and comfort.  HOLD TIGHT- because HE is holding you closer than ever. KNOW that you are going to be ok.  He will never leave you. Those Oils that you were just introduced to- yeah they are awesome but they will change your life in ways you never dreamed-just wait.

LIVE:  Even when you feel like things are falling apart…LIVE.  You are going to be ok. Remember don’t let the darkness and the hard times pull you into an abyss.  You must look for the light and LIVE.  There is so much love and joy around you.  LIVING LIFE IN DARKNESS GIVES YOU DEEPER EXPERIENCES THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.  Life is really SEEN in the simple things. Coming into this season you may have forgotten to fully see this.  You lost yourself in the chaos of life but as you are trudging through it you will be aware of things you’ve missed….You won’t ever forget those again.  HAVE FUN.  Fun is not just reserved for perfect live’s- don’t forget those don’t exist.  Just have FUN- even if you aren’t totally feeling it because life is short and this too shall pass.

HOPE:  You’ve always been optimistic, and you’ve always seen life with rose colored glasses, but now you feel tainted and maybe a bit cynical and that’s really not you.  Curve balls don’t need to produce cynicism and sadness- they are opportunities to find greatness.  Who you are is not based on how you behave in times of abundance and joy- who you really are is how you behave in the deepest trenches in your life.  You are greater than this trench.  KNOW THAT THERE IS SO MUCH OUTSIDE OF THIS TRENCH….GO FOR IT.

YOU:  When things get tough the tough get going….you got this girly.  Don’t let things in life roll you over.  BE YOU and OWN IT.  Take this opportunity to build something of your own.  Contribute to your family by making things happen.  You are going to find your passion- you already have and just don’t recognize it yet.  You are going to own it and you are going to LOVE every minute of helping those around you.  YOU are bigger than your circumstances and you were born for greatness… I have seen what you are going to do with that and I’m actually proud of you.

These times will give you abundant gifts… Seeing the sun through the clouds is tough- and you really have to look for it but I promise you your heart will be warmer to those around you and your worries will be less because you know that all the worry in the world doesn’t change things.  You’ve are experiencing fear and anxiety- don’t worry they won’t kill you- you really will be stronger.  So now, clear your path and blaze ahead.  Be prepared for bumps- just know, that you will come through this with a grateful heart! At the end of the day the curve ball is NOT going to strike you out this time- you are going to hit a grand slam!



The Stronger, More Loving, More Compassionate, More Determined,  More Faithful, More Empathetic, More Greatfull YOU.