I am no Oprah-well we both diet a lot- but, like her, I have a lot of favorite things. With Christmas around the corner I want to occasionally feature some gifts that are heartfelt and meaningful.  Can you humor me with that?  

Many times my favorite things correlate with my favorite people.  In my house Corrie, from CWDRAWINGS has one name- I don't believe my kids even know her last name because her first name is more than enough.  She came into our lives in a time of desperate need on my part.  Three kids under the age of 5- she came to save this crazy mom!  She did more than that.  For years she blessed my family with her very presence- she was originally here to let my guy and I have date nights- but she became one of my dearest friends.  Her artwork is an extension of her soul- beautiful, eclectic, passionate, kind, clean and it tells a story. Like her, she is always grounded in the word, and with the word in her heart she touches lives just by being.  

CWDRAWINGS has fun prints, custom work, new stationary, cards and BRAND NEW 2016 Calendars!  I'm obsessed with her work.  

Corrie is launching 2 new calendars for 2016!!  How fun are they?

Let's chat with Corrie and find out about her work and who she is!

You describe your work as “tongue in cheek”. Can you tell me more about that? In my work, I seek to be as authentic as possible to who I am as a person. I have a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and pay attention to fine details, while at the same time have a light-hearted side that appreciates a sly remark and a quick wit. My work truly embodies so much of who I am!

You’ve said that you like your work to be understated. Why is that important to you? Yes, it is important to me! I am crazy about negative space and am drawn to simplicity. My work is for those who take the time to inspect. To study. To appreciate. When I draw I never want to overdo it; I don’t want there to be any distractions from the main subject and want that singular focus to make a powerful impact.

-What's your process? When doing a portrait what do you consider before beginning? I’m considering the pose of the animal. The mood. The personality. I’m looking at the shadows and shapes on the face and how those will translate to a drawing.

-How do you try to stay creatively inspired? Do you have any rituals? Such a good question because it definitely takes intentionality to stay inspired! For me, it’s connecting and sharing ideas with my closest of friends. It’s enjoying a long bike ride through the country. It’s having a purposefully slow morning of coffee and conversation with my sweet sister. For me, my spirit is most fueled and rejuvenated (both creatively and otherwise) when I am intentional about taking in the joys of everyday life. 

For more information and to order some amazing gifts or to treat yourself (as I have done) check out CWDRAWINGS.COM.  These are gifts everyone will treasure!!