Men and Fish are alike.  They both get into trouble when they open their mouth.                Author Unknown

Don't have to ask me twice- I'm obsessed with this place-they had me at the quote on the wall (above). First of all if you're having oysters with your mate...seriously sexy!! (We all know what oysters are- if you don't look it up- GOOD STUFF.) This place raises the bar!  From the moment you walk in the door you know you are in for some killer goodness!!  They don't disappoint!

The ascetics in this restaurant are classy and chic!!! The functional wine tower in the middle of the dining room adds beauty and depth.  The black chalkboard wall gives the chic room warmth with the amazing chalk fish.  Holy gorgeous batman.

Shall we talk drinks?  I think we shall.  My hubby had On the Up and Up- fun name- GREAT DRINK.  He tends to lean towards Chartrueise drinks- and this one coupled with a fun basil leaf to finish it off really landed on top!  It's made with La Caravedo Pisco- which is a grape (we are very into our grape based drinks) based white spirit, green chartreuse, lime and of course the basil leaf.  He found it insanely good!  I, of course, chose the wine.  What?  It was a really muggy day.  So, shocker, I ordered the Chardonnay.  It was the Bhueller, 2013 Russian River Chard...So good!!  (I love Sonoma County Chardonnay's!)


Uhm you can't be here and NOT try the oysters.  I mean you could but you would be doing yourself a MAJOR disservice!!  We had 6 of both kinds of the west coast oysters!! Yeah- pretty much the bomb with the mignonette sauce!!

THAI COCONUT SOUP isn't your thing?  Truthfully I don't like coconut'll be my thing now!!  The soup was creamy and full of generous shrimp and mussels pieces!!   This may be hard to believe but for a hearty really had a desirable light quality about it- you must try!!  

Lobster Mac and Cheese-that's like asking a child if they want a cookie-  UHM HECK YEAH!!  It's not my mom's macaronni with hotdogs in it (did your parents do that?) YIKES-but it will have to do-I'm salivating just thinking about it!! It's rich and creamy- filled with huge chunks of lobster and delicious eddamame.... YOU MUST SPLURGE- this will be worth every burpee you have to do later!!!

As you can tell I have a few obsessions- FISH TACOS is up there!! I will specifically look for restaurants any place we go that have FISH TACOS!!  YOU MUST HAVE GT OYSTER BAR'S FISH TACOS if you want to have a happy belly!!  Not only is the fish delicate and delicious- these tacos have all the good fixins'- chipotle aioli and chicharron (which is fried pork crackling) I just said pork- we all know everything is better with pork!!!

So what I'm sayin' is that you want to have a good date right?  (I mean throwing in there that you're eating a natural aphrodisiac-I just made it so you don't have to look it up- may just help your case.)  GT Oyster Bar is a serious must do.....especially for date night!