Mauritson and Me...

I arrive at Midway 45 minutes before my flight, per usual. The security guard is shaking his head at me rummaging through my messy purse trying to find my passport. By the time I get on the plane I am sweaty from lugging my overstuffed carry-on, which is holding 4 pairs of shoes for my 3 day trip. Upon arrival in Toronto, I run to the airport bathroom to put on my makeup and change into my dress for the night. From there I hop in a cab to meet Tyler and his friends for a night on the town.

This is usually how my trips go when visiting Ty. Its a crazy weekend of fun and catching up with loved ones that always ends too soon. We have a blast together with our friends and family, but rarely get alone time to just BE. Something I am learning in our relationship is that it is so so important for us to step away from the craziness and really connect with each other on a deeper level. Sometimes this may be on a fancy date in a quiet restaurant, and sometimes it could just be on a long car ride, which honestly is some of my FAVORITE times with my guy. If you want to test your relationship, try driving from Toronto to Chicago in the middle of January, IN A BLIZZARD. For me, finding a balance of family/friend time and alone time is imperative to surviving this long distance relationship. 




This week, Ty and I decided to go out for our wine tasting adventure. We chose a quiet little wine bar and split a bottle of Mauritson 2012 Zinfandel. This wine was…. sexy! The dark plum color of the wine mixed with the dim lighting in this empty restaurant had romance written all over it.


This wines blackberry, raspberry jam fragrance was smooth on the palate. It had a great balance of dark fruit juiciness and dry acidity that lingered on my tongue. It was soft enough for me to sip on all night, and full-bodied enough to keep Tyler interested. This Zin was lighter and less smokey than others I have tasted, so if you are just beginning to get into different wines like myself, this could be a perfect option for you.  

 Bottom line... romantic, full bodied -and full mouth of berry deliciousness added to this date night's sweet spot!!  A velvety elegance is what we were looking for and Mauritson nailed it!!