My Human

In this life we meet all kinds of different people.  Some walk into our lives, some walk out of our lives....some make an imprint and others just a brush stroke.  All add value...even if it's negative value.. it's value.  What I've learned over the years is you never know when you may end up being someone else's human-so you should always try.

A quick story... I believe in authenticity.  Who's going to tell you they don't?  The problem is people don't always follow through.  Sadly,  I've been guilty of this many times over.  When I was a child my parents got divorced.  I know that many people have become desensitized to divorce but when you're in it- it's utterly painful.  Not only that but it changes EVERYTHING. (Even when you think that you may want them to-at some point you end up wishing they didn't.)  During this time (as the child instead of the participants) you feel rather alone- you are forced into circumstances that were not of your choosing at all.  For me, I was 11 when the process started (that's just a stinky time anyway). Not only was my world around me crumbling but I was moved from the only school I had ever known to a new one where I had to make new friends (that's a big deal in and of itself). 

In this time, however, an unexpected someone made me feel special.  She and her husband were friends of my mom and dads.  She was obviously older than me.  She didn't have any kids of her own (YET).  She didn't have to befriend ME, BUT SHE DID.  (I could offer her NOTHING but a sad, awkward girl.) SHE WAS PRESENT.  She had me over after school.  She made May Day baskets with me.  SHE TALKED TO ME.  She invested her time in ME.....because she cared.  She was authentic.  She WAS that person that when the going got tough for the people around her.... SHE DIDN'T DISAPPEAR.  With open arms SHE WAS ENGAGED- embracing ME-and essentially my parents because they were new at navigating those waters as well.  

She taught me that when I say to people "Can I do anything for you," or "I'm here for you," or "I'm praying for you,"   I MEAN IT-I'M INTENTIONAL ABOUT IT- because someone meant it for me.  She was my human.  Although I have told her, sometimes I don't think she even realizes what she meant/means to me-because she was just being her authentic selfless self.  Her example, however, is a lesson to all of us.  It's not easy getting in the trenches, getting REAL,  and being there for someone whether it be good times or bad... but you never know what that person is walking through (OR IN- FOR THAT MATTER).  You never know if you are going to be that person that imprinted on someone so deeply that they just want to be to others what you were to them.  You never know if taking the time to listen to what someone says and investing in their life will make all the difference in the world to them.  You never know if you will be THEIR HUMAN.  I want to live to be someones HUMAN- just like she was to me.  Her authenticity in a really difficult time made me understand that saying you love someone means far less than showing them you love them by walking through the valley holding their hand.  YOU ARE THIER HUMAN.