There are some people you just connect with.  Some people when you walk in the door you know that the vibe and aura are just going to be a part of you.  This is so true of Hawkes Winery.  (You can also check out their wine tasting room in Sonoma, CA.)  Every time we go to Sonoma - HAWKES is a must.. but when we are doing a Date Night at home... we have them- and the many memories they've provided-with us!!

Hawkes Winery was one of the best discoveries we made in all of our wine travels years ago.  Some wineries have killer wine.  Some wineries have spectacular views.  Some a contagious vibe. Many miss the mark on one of these.  Then there is Hawkes Winery...It all makes you want to HOLLA for joy and give God HIGH FIVES!! (The fact that Jimtown Store  is right next door adds to the coolness element.)

Allow me to set the stage for a minute.  First of all Alexander Valley is BEAUTIFUL... Vineyards surround you, the roads wind through them and the air just feels and smells different.  It's wine country and there is no other country quite like it.  On any given afternoon (we always go to Hawkes in the afternoon for one specific reason) when we arrive.... we park next door!!  We love HAWKES but we have to get our Jimtown Store fix first...  Think gourmet deli meets upscale cracker barrel (just because the ladies can shop the eclectic finds- YES PLEASE). Holy utter goodness with a funky old school vibe.  Carrie Brown, the owner will be seen sporting funky black school girl glasses serving wine when the lines get long- and they will because it's a treasured spot!  Imagine (without drooling) juicy pulled pork with buttermilk slaw and spicy mayo on a homemade bun.  Every salavary gland is begging for more. Seriously there is no sharing here it's too good!  Their curried chicken salad is to die for!!  And those are just two- everything here is crazy delicious and down home fun!  One of their best features is that it's right next door to our beloved HAWKES WINERY.

Like I said it's the whole package and personally for me the PEOPLE of Hawkes sell the story and subsequently the wine (kind of a win/win in my book).  If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Stephen or Jake Hawkes you will know right away that not only did you come to an authentic spot- they are just good folk.  

Did I mention they make killer wines-yes please!  We love Hawkes wine because the acidity balance in all of their wines makes them pair beautifully with food!! (Being the silly foodies we are we can't get enough of them.) Let's talk about a few of our favorites (darn it my guy had to open some up on our at home date again- staying home for Hawkes is well worth it!)

Like I said, they make terrific wine, and one of our favorites is their Chardonnay.  The 2013 Home Chardonnay is excellent.  Its filled with crisp pear and white peach.  The stones creek minerality (my hubby's formal description) is aggressive on the nose but completely calms down in your mouth which makes it excellent for a fish dish or a frito mist- it's so balanced and clean.  We enjoyed it thoroughly! 

We just tasted RW 2010 Cabernet- or Red Winery Road Cabernet...This single vineyard Cab is D E L I S H!!  The tannins appear to be a little rougher, which my guy and I appreciate.  The nose is quite nice!!  You get a soft spice that is consistent with the palate feel.  It had hints of anise and tart cherry with a finish of cinnamon and mocha.  OH MY GOODNESS KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!!  Pair this wine with a simple flank steak, roast beef or even a backyard burger and you are in for a real treat!!! (On a side note this wine could 'lay down' for a long time and just keep getting better!!)

Wine Country is like Gods Country and the Hawkes Family are his people.  They are great folk that care deeply for the quality of wine they produce.  It shows through in every bottle.  These wines have helped us create a lifetime of memories with family and great friends... and we have a life time more that will be... but for now we are going to sit back and enjoy another date night at home sipping on our romantic red- pretending we are taking in the crisp evening air of Sonoma County at Hawkes Winery.