Hot Air Balloon-A Date Tuscan Style

I'm terrified of heights.  If I think about something tall- like taller than the heels I put on- I start to sweat- it starts with my feet and ends in my palms.  It's seriously no good- and I wish this weren't such an issue for me.  Years ago I was with my family in Paris they all wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower- there was NO WAY I was doing that.  Paris was very beautiful from the ground- thank you.  What was worse is that my hubby wasn't there so I couldn't send the kids up with him while I waved safely from down below.  I was trying to figure out how to get out of it.  Then my 6 year old grabbed my hand and told me he would take care of me.  I was doomed- I had to go.  That sweet little boy took my hand and held it while my feet made fart noises-I could barely keep my shoes on (due to the copious amounts of sweat being generated).  Here I was among the lovestruck elite, cooing and cuddling-making awful noises from down below-being held up by my 6 year old.  Not one of my finer moments.  Why do you care about this?  (You probably don't.)  I had to get out of my comfort zone because he really wanted to go and I LOVE him so much.  I didn't overcome my fear but I faced it.

The same was true for my guy.  As I've said here time and time again- it's so important to have dates and spice it up by trying new experiences- HAVE FUN.  Occasionally you have to get out of your comfort zone in order to please them- even if it's your biggest fear.  This was so true when my husband turned 40.  Remember what heights do to me?  Yeah, so I surprised him with a trip to Tuscany- one of our favorite places on earth. (I think surprises really help to add spice and romance.) One of the big treats on that trip was a Hot Air Balloon Ride outside of Florence and Sienna.  (I still say this was a true act of love.)  Most of you probably think it sounds feet were farting the whole way there-which kind of takes away from the mood I was hoping to create! 

That being said, I got in the basket- and we were off.  Holy crap we were off- there was no taxiing, there was no safety warnings (if there were I wouldn't have heard him anyway-I was sure I was crashing) but we were off- with nothing but a beautiful basket and and a lot of air between the ground and my feet.   And then I saw it.....

I saw this very picture first.

I saw this very picture first.

The sun was rising from the low tuscan hills, vibrantly illuminating the morning sky... and my guy was serenely mesmerized.  All of my fear (for about a moment) was gone and all I saw was the pure joy in him-and the marvelous masterpiece created by our Father.  The thing that is my greatest fear gave him such joy (to a certain degree to see me squirm, I'm sure).

We saw Tuscany from a whole different perspective. We even saw one of our favorite walled cities in the distance, San Gimignano!  It was unbelievable.  The abundant beauty was hard not to be in awe of no matter what noises I was making in the basket!  


The thing is we were not only taking in the romantic beauty before (or under-yikes) us-Jon saw me differently too.  I was willing to face my fear to show him love- and he clearly understood it.  I put myself out there (I'm sweating just typing this-that's how bad it is) in order to give him an experience that he could remember forever.  I TREATED HIM- I surprised him (HE HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE TRIP) and showed him I valued HIM and all that he meant to our family!  They say relatioships are about compromise... I say they are also about surprise-doing things that stretch you and challenge you with your mate-things that express that you put their feelings above your own sometimes.  I got in my one and only hot air balloon that day...and I never need to again (I cared enough to do it once).