EB's 10 Favorites

Black Friday…. Small Business Saturday….Cyber Monday…. I get confused.  I love to personally pick out gifts for each specific person in my life.  Gifts that have meaning.  Gifts that I think will add value to them.  Gifts that will spoil them.  Things or memories that they, personally, will love.  I love to share my favorite things!  If I love something I tell everyone.  I cherish each gift I receive for the thought that is behind it.   I am excited to share some of my most fav's today!  Move over Oprah... I got this.  (Kidding, of course.)


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EB'S Favorite Things

#1 Essential Oils

One of my very favorite things in the world are my Essential Oils.  They have literally changed my life and lives of my family, friends and thousands of other people because I said “YES” I will try them.  This week from Wednesday, Nov 22 thru Monday, Nov 27 with the purchase of any Premium Starter Kit for yourself or someone you love, you will receive 2 additional gifts from me!!! (I love to give gifts so this is so exciting for me!!) Two treats that are of great value to me (and that will help you in your new oil journey).  #1. Lucy Libido Book (GAME CHANGER-this is the gift that keeps on giving… pinky swear.) Find out how essential oils can support hormone balance and libido (VAVAVAVOOOOM).  This may be the best gift this year!!!  #2.  A bottle of Christmas Spirit.  This bottle of goodness smells like HOME.  I don’t know about you but I want my family to look back someday on my home and remember the smells and feels that they experienced by just being in it.  Christmas Spirit captures “home” in a bottle!!!  By the way Essential Oils are not just for the ladies…. Is your man a Shutran Man?  You may not let him out of your home.  From supporting your health, to toxin free, luxurious makeup, chemical free cleaning, and products that you will have no guilt using on your littles… these products are a true expression of LOVE!!!  Tell your loved ones that you love them like I have done mine!  




#2  Olive Oil

L’arte Dell’ Olivo

These olive oil's and balsamic vinegars are my absolute favorites.  Not only are the healthy and delicious but they come straight from Tuscany from my dear friends Tania and Keith.  My son Jacob worked in their oliveto so I can attest the the authenticity, quality and deliciousness!!  Your friends, family, employees… anyone on your list would be elated to get this gift.  My favorite’s outside of the olive oil are the Spicy Red Pepper and Truffle Balsamic!




#3 Jewelery

'Cause ladies (and gent's actually) will swoon for this stuff!  Delbrenna Jewelery and SHOES (THE SHOES... Did I mention the shoes?) are plain beautiful.  They are all handmade in Italy by our friend Sebastian.  He and his wife Megan are the most amazingly creative and kind people you would ever want to get to know.  These pieces are family treasures.  Express your love to your special someone's (or you can ask me what's on my list- Ha) with one of these beautiful creations. 




Passalacqua Wine is known for their awesome Cab’s and Zin’s but my favorite are their Chardonnay’s (SHOCKER).  They are continually consistent and beautiful.  Jason and his family make killer wines, have an amazing vineyard to go visit, and are great people.  These wines, their wine club, or perhaps a visit to their winery would be an amazing gift for anyone on your list- and if you need help consuming it or want to discuss (wink) the complexities of a certain wine, I'm your gal!!!


I have several other favorites that I LOVE but Passalacqua is rather special.



#5 FOOD in Chicago

I think that memories are always great gifts.  Pouring into people (as I like to say) is more important than just about anything we can do.  Gift Certificates to restaurants are a great way to tell someone that you would love them to have a memory!  If you are a grandparent, please include babysitting, because that’s the gift that keeps on giving!!  You're welcome, parents!!! Here are a few of my favorite restaurants:


Le Colonial, Chicago

This is a terrific date place!  The food is UHHHHMAZING, fun neighborhood, and the environment is quiet and sexy!!!  It would be great for that special someone in your life.



Au Cheval

This little gem is guaranteed to make your taste buds explode.  It’s funky, fun and seriously just darn good.  This is fun for couples, friends, whomever.  Tucked in the awesome Randolph Street Corridor- you want to be here!!!  Early lunch, dinner or late night- it’s ridiculous!  I’m all about this whole neighborhood!!




Joes Seafood Primesteak and Stonecrab

This is my favorite steakhouse in Chicago.  It’s my birthday place.  It just feels special.  It’s a guaranteed good experience.  The alaskan king crab is my FAAAAAVORITE and their wine list is killer.  I love this place so much, ask for Netta- you won’t be disappointed!





POT ROAST NACHO’S and their Bloody Mary’s on a Sunday are a true treat and great gift for anyone that you want to have a great time with!!  (Think January sales, Ditka’s, and possibly throw in a hotel room- you’ve got yourself one of the best gifts ever!) I’m serious!  I love the Oakbrook location but nothing beats downtown and you may just see Iron Mike himself.  




Restaurants in Other Places:

I have MANY more suggestion's for restaurants around the world, these are just a few favorites.  Feel free to ask if you are planning a special something.


#6 For the Dudes in Your Life

Anything Shutran

There is 3 in 1 body wash, aftershave lotion, bar soap, beard oil, shave cream and the coveted essential oil!!!  I can hardly handle how good it smells!!  (Not naming names but lots of ladies wear it as well, to the pleasure of their mate!) BE WARNED- they may smell too good to leave the house. NOT KIDDING.




Rooster Heaven Hunt Club- Forrest, IL

This place has given my boys memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a great environment, filled with terrific people and great experiences.  "Guy Time", according to some men I know, is a true expression of love.  



Big River Fly Fishing

One of my boys did this this year with Will and LOVED it!  He knows the Kankakee River, which is conveniently located just outside of Chicago, and is an excellent guide!! My son thought it was the best day ever!!  These experiences are terrific gifts!!





I love this store, I love the place.  Geneva, IL is fun, romantic and has superb restaurants.  This store is my jam!!  Most every single thing in it is a treasured find and gift.  From amazing personalized cutting boards to signs for your wall to costume jewelry, they’ve got you covered… and their wrapping is ON POINT.  Your loved one will not be disappointed if they see the black and white box with red bow!!!




#8 Blankets

Call me crazy but nothing says I love you, I want to take care of you, I want to snuggle with you, let's give each other back rubs,  like gifting a sweet blanket for someone.  When I was growing up our friends always had a basket of blankets that we could choose from when we were going to watch a movie etc… It felt sooooo homey to me.  I don’t really have a favorite but to be honest every year WALMART has these cozy soft ones that are CHEAP and they feel great!!! I love the idea of a blanket, good book paired together to make a perfect gift!


#9  Berry Bowls

I am obsessed with my berry bowl.  I actually don’t like ‘things’ very much but one of my “if there was a fire” things is my berry bowl!!!  It sits on my counter always.  It’s simply beautiful with bright berries bursting out of it!!  I commonly wash them at night put it in the fridge then get it out for my kids in the morning!!  These bowls are da bomb (that’s not a cool saying anymore but neither am I sooooo…..)




#10  Time

According the to the Oracle of EB (HA) there is not a gift in the world more precious than time.  I saved it for last because occasionally it’s the last thing we think of, but in my humble opinion it needs to be first in our hearts.  If you allow me a second…. You can’t get time back.  Don’t waste it.  If you really want to tell someone you love them, you care for them, they’re a great friend, THANK YOU, ask them to spend some time with you.  Don't miss or waste an opportunity to let the people, that have been so preciously placed in your life, know that you care for them.  Life is short.  This time of year should remind us that gifts are expressions of the heart and there is no greater expression than the gift of time.


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