San Diego Moment

If I told you how many times I’ve made a fool out of myself I would be writing forever.  I step in the proverbial “it” on the regular.  So badly, in fact, that my husband has said on numerous occasions, to countless people, that he could have never have been president, even if he ever wanted to be, because I would never have made a good first lady.  I’m not offended.  He’s right.
Without going into too many of the dirty (OMG if you only knew) details about what happened in San Diego, seven years ago, allow me to lay a few things out for you.  We had travelled there for one of Jon’s biggest industry meetings.  He would literally walk down the street and people, half a country away, would stop and talk to him every few steps.  They knew him.  We were staying at one of the NICEST hotels in all of San Diego.  What I’m trying to tell you is that his other half needed to be the quintessential ‘political’ wife…and I was doing a great job.. I swear.  


He was preparing for this HUGE presentation.  

We arrived from a vacation in Mexico (I should have learned my lesson that time) late one evening and basically were in our hotel room (in amazing San Diego mind you for over 24 hours) while he worked at the desk.  I was quiet…. which NEVER happens… but I was being a good wife!  He looked up from the desk on the 2nd day, being his sweet self, and asked me to go to lunch with him.  He wanted to get me out of the room and we needed to eat.  We had a quick but fantastic Sushi lunch.  He needed to get back to the room to work but we decided to take the long way home.  He was on the phone.  I was walking my usual few steps ahead willing him to catch up in my mind.  I’m a little (or a lot) clumsy whether I have flat shoes on or not, but today I had chunky heels, with tight jeans, blazer, etc… I had dressed up to go out with my man.  Who am I kidding.. I had dressed up because I was getting out of that damn room.  I stumbled, that never happens (ha).   His multitasking, on the phone self, just like superman, grabbed my lurching to the street body and heroically (ARE YOU IN AWE OR WHAT) set me back on the sidewalk, where I had originated….. And that’s when I had my San Diego Moment.  I can’t physically write what happened next, because I’m quite certain there are many people that would never be able to look at me in the eyes again… to this day, I’m not real sure how Jon does….but being that it’s February, and love is in the proverbial air, I decided to share what I learned about marriage from my San Diego Moment (it seriously lives in infamy).   


#1.  Marriage is messy.  OMG did I that day, and many more before and since, prove this point in a not to be missed kind of way.  Our spouses get our raw selves, and let’s face it, they aren’t so pretty sometimes. I don’t care if you wake up looking like Gisele (then again that does come with Tom Brady), we all have our ugly and normally it’s our other halves that get the brunt of it.  We must remember that and be gentle with our responses when they are giving us their not so fresh parts.

#2.  Love isn’t just a feeling there are many days it’s a decision.  Let’s just say that the day of my San Diego moment… I would not have blamed him ONE BIT if he decided that that day he didn’t love me.  (I’m kidding, a little, I think.) He had to have been repeating in his head, “I love her. I love her. I love her.”  in order for him to just believe it, AND to walk next to me the ¾ mile back to the hotel.  

#3.  Marriage is about friendship.  You have to laugh at each other, yourself, and together because life is full of messy and hard, but within it there is a whole lot of hysterical.  Being buddies and truly liking the other one to their core is not only desirable but necessary.  That day he was laughing and I was crylaughing (that’s a real word after San Diego) as I sloshed home.  Even in the moment we knew we would be talking about this one....even if I didn’t want to at the time.  

#4.  Stick together, don't divide.  In San Diego as we made our way back to the hotel, comments were flying (and remember he KNEW people)....OH GAWD if you only knew.  My head was down, like a dog who had just chewed up their owners shoe, but his head was high and he stuck right by me.  (AGAIN I have no idea how or why.)  He taught me that day that no matter what kind of mess I create...and let me tell you that I DID in a not to be missed by anyone kind of way.... he will be the one standing by my side.

....all from my messy SAN DIEGO MOMENT.