West Side Road

Many People feel intimidated by travel. Americans especially tend to trend towards pre-planned destinations that require little to no thought.  They require fine hotels that cater to their every need.  This kind of travel has a time and place for sure, however they miss out on opportunities to see the REAL world.   We like to get off the beaten path and make connections that are meaningful and find destinations that create a place in our heart.  Sonoma County, Ca offers such exquisite places that deserve to be uncovered... but not too uncovered..we like our little hide-away...

I've travelled many places in this world and Wine Country in California has some of the most beautiful land in all the world.  The smells are different out here.  It's clean, fresh and every breath is better than the next.  The terroir in Sonoma County is so perfect that in lends itself to beautiful wines that help to create a perfect vacation destination.

Our favorite place to start is West Side Road, just outside of Healdsburg, CA.  Their Pinot's and Chardonnay's are outstanding and the views are straight from Heaven!!  As you get onto Westside Road from the town of Healdsburg you find your senses heightened... I am in awe of the beauty surrounding me.  As the road gently winds through vineyard after vineyard and the colors, depending on the season, of gentle green to vibrant red hang on the vines, you appreciate Gods Country.  Each winery has something especially their's to offer.  Some are like beautiful hand crafted , or picked, masterpieces in a bottle and others are simple reproductions- the beauty that makes the wines so intricately unique also makes them part of your vacation memory:  It's their story.  The story is ultimately left in the bottle, but they all have a story to tell, and some of them will blow your mind and leave you craving more... WINE!

One of my favorite things to do has nothing to do with the actual drinking of the wine.  The image of the fog rising so delicately off the valley floor in the morning, with the steam from a hot cup of coffee in my hands, is the happy place I go to when I have to leave this amazing place.  Mornings here leave you breathless and actually seeing your breath in the fresh crisp air adds to the romantic mystic of a vineyard stay.

And then there is the wine.... Whether you try Thomas George Estates (my personal favorite), Rochioli Winery, Bacigalupi Winery or William Selyem... You are in for an extraordinary experience!  To taste the crisp Chardonnay tantalizing your pallet,  or watch the beautiful legs of that berry colored Pinot delicately painting your glass and warming your soul makes the hair on my neck stand in excitement!

This one road provides a special vacation within a vacation...It's like coming home.. Nothing says comfort like chatting over fine wine and great food with family and good friends.  This WINEding Road is HOME!  Cheers!
For more info check out http://www.thomasgeorgeestates.com