Date Night

One of the best things that Jon and I did when our kids were little was Date Nights...Being honest- it wasn't all about spending time with Jon- although that was the main reason- I also NEEDED to get out of that house!  I was blessed and inspired by many friends and family that, like us, love to travel and explore-even places close to home- they helped with suggestions.

I hear more times than not that couples don't know where to go, what to do, what to wear, and sometimes even what to talk about!!  I can't help you with the latter (try not to talk about the kids)- but I think we have some great suggestions for the others.

First there are a few rules that I tried to ALWAYS live by for Date Night....

#1.   Mix it up. There is so much comfort in each other but in a world where you are doing the monotonous things that you NEED to do when you have kids... Change it up girl!!  Suggest a different restaurant... If you always go to your favorite burger joint... go get Mexican.  All relationships need some spice:)!  If going out to dinner is too expensive.  Make some sandwiches, put your favorite drink in a plastic cup (not alcoholic of course- ha) and go have a picnic.  But whatever you do... Get out of the house... even if it's your back yard with a candle at night after your kids are in bed!

Order something new on the menu.  Ok I know, we are all creatures of habit, but step outside of your "I always order this" zone and keep him guessing.  Men like challenges.  They like to be surprised!

#2.  Dress UP!  I don't care if you have 3 shirts in your closet.  Save one for special nights with your man!  I'm not telling you to put 4inch heals on (although he may really like that)- but shower, freshen up, put a little make up on and get ready... After all this is a date.

#3.  Perfume, body spray, soap, Essential Oil (my personal favorite)- DO IT!  Men love things that smell lovely!!  SMELL LOVELY.

#4.  FLIRT.  Yep flirt with your hubby (or wife).  Smile, A LOT.  Bat your eyes.  Act like they're funny- just kidding-my guy is really funny... but you know what I mean... be engaged!

#5.  Touch them.  Get your head out of there.  Put your hand on their knee, on their back, on their hand... love to feel desired!

What made me the expert?  NOTHING!  I'm just giving you my own rules so that you can see where I'm coming from as I periodically tell you about great places to go, explore and see with your love!!