I want. They want. He wants.  I need. They need. He needs.  That's about how my life looks some days!  Does that look right to you?  It doesn't to me either!!  He NEEDS.  They NEED.  I NEED.  He WANTS.  They WANT.  I WANT... probably more like it.  But truthfully many days not my reality.

When my life doesn't follow HIM, THEM, ME... it get's messy.  I get messy and the rest follow suit! Jesus, husband, kids, work, sports, house chores, bills, family, friends, fitness...LIFE..  We all have it. Being honest sometimes I don't want to lead this ship (the me ship)... but I am, I do and I will...  So how do I manage (VERY MESSILY:))

Not reinventing the wheel here but I hear so many people complaining (sorry but they are) about how they can't do "this", and "that" doesn't work... WELL that's because you are spending your time complaining instead of doing.  Now I get that your 'gift' may not be balance... mine isn't either!!!  So what do I do to give my life some balance?

1.  Prioritize.  What can't you compromise on?  WHO/ what needs your attention? Who are you and does your life's time reflect that?  I get that in life we all have things that certainly need our attention and time- the grass has to get cut-TRUTH.  I would however challenge anyone to say that if you are posting pictures of your children's faces all over Facebook and Instagram but you aren't spending time with them... maybe you need to evaluate what your heart really feels.  We all get caught up doing things that are either mindless or that we have told ourselves we 'need' to do but they really aren't our priorities!!!

2. Be Intentional.  What's that mean?  I try very hard to follow through with people and things that need my attention.  I sometimes fail at this, but I really focus on who and what needs me.  At the top of that list would be my prayer time....(truth be told sometimes I do it better than other times).  I'm at my best when my prayer time is at the top.  You don't need my list because you have your own- but if fitness is important to you..make it happen.  Reading- pick up your book- it can't get read if you don't schedule the time.  

3.  Plan your time.  I have an amazing planner- yep old school style planner.  DO IT!! Best thing that I ever did.  I literally write - WORK OUT (even though I know I am going to) so that I can check it off.  I planned that time though and I have to do it- It's a mind game!!  If you are consumed with work (which I can be) you may have to write in TIME with Child XXX- that's ok!   In order to balance things out- you may have to let your mind see on paper your time allotments!! Check out my planner-

4.  TAKE BREAKS.  We all have the needs of others and ourselves!  What I see in myself as well as many of my friends, however, is that we forget to stop.  Smell the roses.. (you may get a thorn in your nose).  Just kidding.  NO really... stop, take time.  Take that nap that you feel guilty about taking.  Don't beat yourself up because every minute of your day isn't filled with 'doing' something.  That is a man made notion that we must fill our time with monotonous work!! Relax a little!

5.  DATE NIGHT.  If you have a significant other... DATE NIGHT.  If you don't- have a date with a friend or yourself.  Take time to get out of the house and do something that is fun!!! FUN is good for the heart and the soul.  It makes the priorities of daily life more enjoyable.  Reward yourself!!!

Bottom line... to achieve balance we have to be intentional about it because there is always going to be distractions in our way.  I will never do it perfectly but when I plan my time appropriately... I get close to achieving the peace that I so desperately desire for my family and myself!!