Au Cheval- DATE DAY

Date Nights can be Date Days- one of my personal favorites is to spend the day with Jon on a 'workday'- makes me feel like we are getting away with something sneaky! And well that adds spice to a relationship.

Au Cheval… Oh shitake mushrooms..  it’s transcendent! I’m mean seriously people you want a fun date?  You must check this place out.

So you walk into this ‘DINER’- they can call it whatever they want but if this is just a diner then I’m not opinionated and well I’m raising the poop flag on that.   Back to walking in the door… right away hello funky urban meets cool eclectic scene.  THIS IS MY JAM.   If I could have stayed there all day I would have.  JUST FUN!

We sat at a table in super comfy, overstuffed (but not too much) leather benches  with a thick old world table.  The whole place is just COOL.  Exposed brick , open kitchen and different wood grains excited our senses! I was a bit on stimulation overload (kind of like walking into Anthropologie- but that’s a story for another day).  The chefs were having a blast- which totally just made our date fun-talking about people who loved their jobs- dreaming about opening our own restaurant.   Our waiter rocked with his recommendations… OH the recommendations... never be afraid on a date to ask “If I never come back here-WHAT should I get.”  It sort of guarantees your waiter/waitress will pay attention to you.  And well HELLO AMAZING!!!

Can you say Foie Gras Scrambled Eggs… Seriously people unless you are some kind alien (which after consuming those I was certainly taken to another world) you MUST do this.  If you never have tried Foie Gras- you will go searching for it after this- PROMISE!!  Not only will you thank me-but you will be giving God high fives!!!  That just happened!!  

Au Cheval is famous for their Cheeseburgers (in case you live under a rock- which by the way I did) they have the #1 rated burger in the country (please don’t tell anyone- it may get packed).  SIDENOTE- we got there when it opened and while we were still eating they were telling people it was an hour wait!!   THIS CHEESEBURGER—ahhhh truthfully that’s all I should say about it.  I ordered mine with an over-easy egg on it, topped with their house made sauce and delicious pickles.   Serious pickles going on there.  The creamy sauce mixed with the soft egg yolk oozed out all over the juicy burger and begged me to take a bite.  I obliged and devoured the whole thing!   

THE ROOTBEER- did I mention it was on tap?  Yeah so like its got a creamy carmely goodness that screams of converse shoes, rolled up jeans and a flannel shirt, sitting on a bale of hay in the crisp fall air. I shouldn’t stop before I mention the Bloody Mary.  The right blend of spice coupled with sweet pickles and yummy peppers… yeah he should have had another!

Surprise your mate and head to Au Cheval.. I promise you not only will you have a serious good time- you will consume killer eats and an amazing atmosphere!  Check them out