My lifes mission- to live with passion and permeate love to those around me.
"Those who live passionately teach us how to love.  Those who love passionately teach us how to live,"  Sarah Ban Breathnach

Peanut Butter is my passion :)- I kid (sort of).  Many different images or ideas pop into our head when we hear the word passion.  Some are private representations of relationships that we are in or have been in. A lot of times , however, when I’m talking to people their answers are about themselves and maybe their kids- but rarely when I ask people what they are passionate about do they answer their spouse.  It confuses me (but that’s not hard to do).

Examples of what I get..

“My kids.”
“Working Out.”
"Peanut Butter." (only I said that)

These are all great things… who isn’t passionate about their kids??  I am uber passionate about Christ, my amazing kids, my fabulous family, my spastic dogs, my date nights, my oils, my accessories (guilty pleasure), and of course melted peanut butter with chocolate (don’t judge it’s so yummy- but looks pretty bad huh)- to name a few.  MY HUSBAND, period.

What I find is that we are consumed with societal ideas about SELF and Instant Gratification.  There is an underlying feeling that our lives should be exactly  how ‘I want it?’  ME. ME. ME. We (the proverbial we) place our own wants and our own  desires above the one relationship here on earth that should be above the rest- our marriage relationship. 

I have had many people commend me “you are so good you guys have date night.”  I’m not so good- I’m intentional.  I am passionate about having date night and I guard it at all costs because I know that if we don’t have passion and connection we’ve lost.  (Selfishly, for me, I connect the best when we are alone)

Occasionally it takes one person to initiate the date night- because let's be honest- life get's busy and sometimes we JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE IT- but you won't regret the time spent nourishing and embracing your relationship.

We mix it up and do date night, or excursions or whatever to purposefully reignite those flames (because let’s face it every marriage takes constant work and reconnection). We spend time flirting, talking, dancing (well what I do by others standards is not dancing- but I have fun doing it) dating  because #1 it’s FUN and I’m all about that (I mean who doesn’t want a juicy Cheeseburger and Foi Gras Scrambled Eggs) and #2 if I can’t be passionate about Him- then everything else is about me….That’s not who I was created to be.