Joes Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab

DATE NIGHT HEAVEN!  You're in for a real treat!  
I hadn't been to Joe's in about a year- and I was so excited to get back.  In my opinion this isn't a traditional Chicago Steakhouse- the premier quality of the seafood sets it apart from the rest. It never disappoints. 

When you walk in through the doors on Grand Ave in Chicago you're greeted with a bunch of high top tables and a dark "Gentlemen's Club" looking bar.  It feels a little bit old school and I'm all about it.  The dining room is much the same with thick, dark wood beams and cream walls.  I certainly feel like you're special just because you're there!!  From the amazingly competent and friendly waitstaff to the manager who checks in on you- this place is definitely impressive and worth it for special occasions.

First of all their wine list is fantastic.  (You'll quickly figure out I'm not a cocktail person-so I can't talk about them- SORRY.)  If you're going in for just a glass of wine- because you've been out shopping on Michigan Ave- or more specifically Nordstroms (it's right across the street-  pssst ladies you can send your husband over there while you shop- WIN/WIN in my book) you want to check out their wine list!!  I really like (on the current list) the Nickel and Nickel 2013 Truchard Vineyard Chardonnay.   The link for the Chardonnay: Although I didn't have it last time we were there I love it's fruit forward flavors coupled with wonderful vanilla notes.  Makes for a wonderful treat on a stressful shopping day (insert huge smile face)!!!

For any kind of wine lover the entire wine list is spectacular and will not disappoint!!  Want to know a secret before we get into some amazing food selections?  Ready for this?  There's a naughty wine list that you can ask to see.  NOW this list would only be for rare occasions (like maybe never) or just to tease you but it's totally fun to look at and kind of an insiders must do!!

Ok so do you want your tastebuds to be all jazzed up?  Seriously my mouth is watering while I write (THIS IS WHY I WILL NEVER BE SKINNY)!  We LOVE crab.  We've been to Alaska and had crab right off the boat... JOES is right off the boat-like 24 hours- but we're in Chicago so that's pretty good right?  FOR SURE! To start if you're REALLY hungry, with a big crowd, or just want to try it-THE WHALE is incredible.  You get a whole variety of King Crab, Lobster Tail, Shrimp Ceviche and a few other exciting sea inhabitants- SO DARN GOOD!!  It's a must do just to say you did!!

Another favorite of mine is the Chilean Sea Bass... Holy oh my goodness!!  It's got a sweet- yet savory- miso glaze with some tasty Bok Choy to finish it off.  It will not disappoint!!  For sides we go all over the map but on our last visit we had Fried Asparagus- once again our waiters suggestion.  It comes with their chosen dipping sauce- but ask for the mustard sauce that comes with the crab- it's out of this world good!!!  As my husband would say STUPID GOOD!!  

Dessert is not something I order often HOWEVER Joes' Peanut Butter Pie with Fudge Sauce (at least I'm consistent with my Peanut Butter)is one of the best desserts ever created.  In fact for my birthday it's been a tradition (skipping this year) that I get that as my cake!!!  It's that good!! It's like this whipped semi light peanut butter goodness with warm fudge exploding in your mouth.  Strike 2  that I'll never be skinny:)!!!

I love romance and mystic... Joes provides this environment (at least in my head and that's all that matters right?) that is private and romantic...but not pretentious- it keeps us going back for nights! Check them out