Saturday's With Steph

Steph "Im a lover of all things adventure: food, wine, traveling, live music, dancing, and making memories with family and friends. I am 23, and figuring out how to enjoy all of these things on a BUDGET! My taste definitely exceeds my bank account. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is sit on a patio in Chicago with good food, good wine, and great company. I wanted to find a way to capture this feeling without breaking the bank. One thing Ill be doing this summer is a weekly wine tasting. My boyfriend, Tyler, and I will pick out a bottle of wine once a week and have an at home date night, talking about the wine from a beginners perceptive (I know that I have a palate I also know that its not yet sophisticated)."


The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is a collaboration between Dave Matthews (Yes, Dave Matthews!) and Sean Mckenzie (Wine Maker). Ty and I packed up a table and chairs, blankets, and a cooler and headed up to Ravinia to see Steve Miller Band. I had never been there before, and WOW! I would highly recommend getting a group of friends together to see a show there at least once this summer. It's hippie chic meets classy sophistication.  

The WINE I am a very visual person. If I walk into a restaurant and see candles and exposed brick, Im SOLD. The tree on this wine label tied into the feel of the night perfectly.. whimsical and light. The taste followed suit, with notes (learning the wine lingo!) of apple and pear. It did have a bit of an oaky finish, but not the big toasty, butter ball finish that I am usually attracted to. If you like something that has a bit of that vanilla, oak finish, but is still on the crisp side, this is a great option for you. 

Overall- Wonderful experience! The wine, the music, the outdoors it was the perfect combination of fun and romance.  A date night must!

Check out The Dreaming Tree Chardonnay at their website.