A girl can dream...little girls are so good at this.  Many times their dreams start with big poofy dresses, high heeled shoes that click on the hardwood floor, maybe long nails that tap (I used to think it was so cool if my nails clicked on the typewriter- totally dating myself) and a lot of times some handsome prince swooping in and scooping her up- they want to be a princess AND believe they can be.  They get a little older and their dreams remain in the fairy tale but often it expands to prom queen (which could be a version of a fairy tale), athletics or even career.  Who said you had to have only one dream anyway- the dream police- don't think so!  

I don't know when it changes but I'm certain it does because too many adults are walking around exhausted, overworked and angry.  Too many people I know are just putting their time in because it's a paycheck- but they are miserable!  For most, they haven't even checked their hearts desire in years because they don't realize it has a desire anymore-they're just getting by.

When did we, as adults, loose the ability to dream?  When did we forget that inside each of us we are created for greatness?  Why do we fall in step and do what we've always done because that's what we're supposed to do? FEAR.

What if today someone told you you could do anything you wanted to do in life- you wouldn't fail?  (Oils and Grapevines are sounding really good about now.) What would you do?  Would you do what you are currently doing? Now this holds no scientific data- but my GUESS is that probably 10% of us are doing exactly what we would be doing.  If you're in that 10% that's awesome! If you are in that 10% working a ton does not feel the same as being overworked.  If you're in that 10% being tired does not feel like you are drained of any life.  If you are in that 10% you are not walking around angry and feeling like you need to complain about your job to anyone who will listen- you want to share yourself with the world.  YOU BELIEVE IN YOU! That DOES NOT mean that if you're in that 10% you're not working hard- you're probably working your butt off- but it feels differently when you are going after your dreams rather than selling out to societal notions of complacency and duty.  

A quick story  about dreams and passion.  I have some childhood friends that played a game  that they had gotten at Toys R Us when they were younger.  Something about that game sparked a passion in Chris Ruder and he decided to resurrect this game in 2008.  The game is called Spikeball (you must have it- crazy addicting, SO MUCH FUN and makes for heated family contests-PERFECT)!  To me it's like 4 square with maybe a volleyballish twist. Stupid FUN.  Anyway NOBODY knew what the heck this forgotten game was.  But HE (along with a few co-founders) WENT FOR IT.  Spikeball has been featured on Shark Tank (and he got a crazy good deal), it has been taken around the country and the world with tournaments and it's an official sport in some colleges.  How cool is that? It's in youth groups and backyard barbecues. We played it on Christmas Day!  The thing about it was it was an old, dusty, has-been kids game that is now, due to handwork, marketing genius and PASSION, exploding in sales!  It's about a DREAM!

In each of us lies passion and desire.  It's still there- you just have to dig deep and find it.  I believe with all my heart that God created all of us to do great things- but you have to stop the insanity of doing what you've always done getting the same result each time and do a DO OVER. (DO OVER is also a book by a fabulous guy named Jon Acuff.  I just attended an amazing conference with him.  I N S P I R I N G!)  If you're not dead you have time (thats a harsh reality but it's TRUTH) to unlock the amazing potential and passion within you.  Spark that fire that so desperately needs some oxygen so that it can blaze out of control.  This world craves (and doesn't even know it) dreamers and leaders that will RISK everything to be WHO they were always INTENDED to be.  That's YOU!!  NO dream is too big.  Your dream and your path are determined by you.  I challenge you to unlock and unleash it- you will be amazed at the greatness awaiting you!