Ruxbin-Noble Square, Chicago

Ecclectic and funky, Fun and fabulous.  Quaint and cool.  Earthy and warm.  This place... a perfect date night.  First of all I'm tired of stuffy and pretentious.  I want inviting, imaginative   and delicious.  Ruxbin is SPOT ON!

This cute place is tucked into the Noble Square Neighborhood in Chicago-west of the city in a relatively quiet neighborhood- LOVE IT!! The outside has cascading flowers and just this cool vibe- it's calling you in!! 

The inside... you guys.. seriously this place has lights made out of old desks!! It's just cool!!  I love the atmosphere in here...earthy and warm with a bit of gypsy heaven.. yep I may stay!!!  It only has 32 tables- so it's definitely intimate and cozy but completely approachable!!  

Next- can you say B.Y.O.B?  Yeah, like who doesn't love enjoying a cold bottle of Hanzel Chardonnay- with your appetizer course- SCORE!!  Ok the Chardonnay we brought was pretty killer- in my book- but let's face it- BYOB equals saving money- this girl is all about that!!

The eats.. my goodness... as my husband would say- it just blew your skirt up!!  We started with the Fois Gras... of course we did.  It's how we do.  Anyway I'm not one for much fruit in my dishes and this had candied rhubarb with it (to be honest I was a bit worried I'd like it) and some hazelnut granola. Boy was I wrong!  Holy deliciousness!!!  Did I mention the phenomenal hazelnut granola? GET IN MY MOUTH!!

For the main course we had venison and halibut. First of all I love fish and this Halibut did not disappoint!  It was recommended by our lovely server.  (Remember the question:  If I never come back what should I get~~ she nailed it.)  The fish just melted in your mouth and the kimchi bacon tarragon broth was to die for! Those three flavors were delicately infused together in such a way that I wanted to lick the plate clean.  I'm a lady so I refrained this time.    THE VENISION- ok I know it scares some people- but this dish lit up every taste bud in your mouth!! It was that good!! The tenderness of the meat was accentuated with a bit of cauliflower puree and pomegranate duck jus... hello yumminess!!  

Now, normally you wouldn't comment on a restaurants bathroom situation. However this bathroom (on the outside) adds to the restaurants funk!  It's basically set in a revolving door that you would go through to enter some sort of speakeasy... so fun and outside the box- I love it!

You must do this. For a cozy, fun, funky date night- this is your place.  Bring your favorite bottle of wine or craft beer and get to enjoying the goodness!  First of all the food is outstanding and the ambiance just lends itself to - I want to stay forever!!  This date night was rock solid and a for sure must do!  Ruxbin has it all going on-such a great place to reconnect and romance each other!