Thomas George Estates

Everyone who lived in high up, magical places must feel the same way.  You come down into the world and you mingle, but all the while theres something calling you back.  Arjum Hasam

There is a vortex (i.e. WINE-just kidding-again me being silly)  always pulling me back to my magical place (only it's not mine-dang it).  I come back to reality and live amongst my folk but part of me remains in Sonoma County, California and specifically at Thomas George Estates.    Let's go back to Westside Road, just outside of Healdsburg, Ca  (a little slice of heaven) and take a peak.  

The wine is obviously something pretty special- and I'll certainly get to that but the view and the property are something straight out of another world- a divine creation. (Having traveled in Italy I can tell you for certain that this area of Sonoma County is an equal comparison- the beauty is transcendent.)  On a side note I personally believe that part of the mystical romance a bottle of wine can have is as much to do with your connection to the place as the creation in the bottle-my opinion not fact. Everyone has that place where life seems to be better just because you are there, your worries and your problems seem minuscule- this is my place. 

Sharing this with my mate has created some of the most special times in our marriage- but we have also shared it with family and special friends.  Bringing people to Thomas George, for us, is like sharing a part of us with the people we love the most, you feel vulnerable and excited because you want them to LOVE it as much as you do-BINGO-TGE has never disappointed!

In the morning the fog flirts with the vines in such a sensual way that the hair on the back of your neck stands straight up.  The beauty that surrounds you is heaven sent- in this place I feel Gods abundant blessings more than almost anywhere on earth (and this is before I start consuming the wine- so it's not the wine talking).

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As you enter the heavy iron gates your eyes gaze up the ascending drive to the beauty that awaits.  Pack your picnic because the rich charm and earthy aromas around you will capture your heart. The broken rooster may even treat you to one of its awkward squeaks (inside joke but it adds to the blissful vibe). You're going to need to stay awhile.  (At this point- especially if it's warm- I highly recommend you heading inside and purchasing the 2014 Rosé of Pinot Noir.  They make some of the best Rosé's out there and this one is delicious.)  This wine will make your picnic complete and you can get your tasting started off on a beautiful foot!  

The cave, oh the cave... Seriously  I've been in some fantastic caves- this one is something special.  One of the killer parts about TGE is that you get to do your actual tasting in the cave- how sweet is that?   It's amazingly classy and sophisticated coupled with an anitquey (that word is official) coolness -its just down right boss (my son tells me that means cool- so I'm going with it)!!  MY PLACE

Thomas George has a wide variety of crazy good wine, their Chardonnay's and Pinot's  however are magnificent.  Have you ever had a concrete Chardonnay?  Uhm hello wonderful!  For centuries European wine makers have been using this technique and Thomas George was one of the first to bring it to Sonoma County.  The 2012 Estate Chardonnay, Concrete Russian River is spectacular!  Without boring you too much (because seriously you just have to try it's complete goodness) by fermenting in concrete and not oak (which I usually lean towards) it tends to be very aromatic and fruit forward......and delicious! I love it because although it's crisp and bright, there is a subtle nutty flavor that settles it down-LOVE!! My next top choice (except honestly they are all stupid good-that's official wine lingo) would be the 2012  Baker Ridge Chardonnay.  Named after the owners, the Baker Ridge Vineyard, in my opinion produces some of the best fruit on Westside Road- this Chardonnay is full of crisp apple flavors but also provides a soft creamy finish.  It's brilliant golden color is sure to be a crowd pleaser!!

Let's briefly talk Pinot's- only because well I love them!!  (Their other varietals Viognier, Syrah, Zin and Pinot Blanc are all fantastic as well!)  I'm giving high fives to the 2011 Estate Vineyard Baker Ridge Pinot... maybe it's the oil lover in me, but there are hints of lavender and rhubarb.  It's finished off with a slight tobacco flavor that I seriously enjoy in my pinot's.  For me a little bit of dusty funk and I'm all in!

TGE has afforded us a plethora of memories with so many special people, as well as with each other.  We are constantly called back to this place we love.  The wine has captured our heart but the place has imprinted on our souls.  In the evening, here on Westside Road, as the sun sets on the quiet vineyard floor we sip our velvety red and thank God for places that we can occasionally call home-even if for just a date vacation-check them out-just don't stay too long- I'll be back to My Magical Place!