Mi Dia From Scratch- Grapevine, Texas

OH MY GOODNESS....it's so good it should be illegal (because we don't live close!!)  I'm not saying, but I'm just saying you should just plan a trip to visit Mi Dia From Scratch - or if you live in or around the Dallas area- GET THERE!  Chef Gabrielle DeLeon is the real deal-and just a cool dude.  In an area where Tex-Mex is almost exclusively on most menus, Mi Dia goes straight towards a true Mexcian influence and hit's the bullseye!  


We were looking for a great place- and a little day date (because we love day dates) while attending an awesome Convention outside of Dallas- SCORE. This place was ROCK SOLID- in fact we went back twice- you know that's good!

As always, we enjoyed our conversation with our waiter and we deferred to him and the server as to what we just had to get.  They killed it!!  My dude started with the Capital 3G margarita.  This drink had Tres Generaciones Anejo (super special tequila), Grand Marnier, lemon juice, agave nectar...knocked his socks off- in flavor not the other way!!  Later the waiter suggested a specialty cocktail they created called Hell Freezes Over.  It features chile infused silver tequila, agave, cucumber & basil in a chile pepper salt rimmed glass with a floating piece of dry ice to give this symphony of flavors a mystical appearance. SIMPLY SPECTACULAR.  

(Hell Freezes Over)

(Hell Freezes Over)

We then opted for the table side guacamole.. UHM let me just tell you that I used to only eat guacamole tacos- no protein (not smart, I know)- so I know a thing or two about guacamole- THIS IS THE BEST EVER. (In fact I think that they should make a FOOD TV show just about people challenging him to his guacamole-it's that good!)  Like if I could only eat guacamole one more time in my life.. I'm heading to Grapevine!!  This guac had bacon, jalepenos, onions, tomato paste, garlic (like you'll be sweating it the next day), tomato's... just amazing!!  

For our entrée's we chose a variety of Street Taco's (on two different days).  The first day I got the Sea Bass. Street Taco's are just fun! The sea bass had chile guajillo rub, pickled cabbage, avocado, chile morita remoulade, micro cilantro and was served on flour tortillas.  OH MY GOODNESS-the flavors were dancing in my mouth!  We also had the Duck Carnitas.  It is roasted duck, pickled onion, roasted poblanos, micro cilantro, chile morita served on flour tortillas.  My husband was doing the happy dance. The duck is tender and juicy coupled with a wonderful balance of spice... melt in your mouth-drip down your face- amazing!!  Our next choice was the Baja Shrimp Taco's.  We normally don't get fried things too often... when in Rome- or Texas- and that is what they recommend.. so we did!  Thank GOD!!  THEY WERE SO GOOD!!  The shrimp is a in Negra Modelo beer batter, served with pickled cabbage, avocado, micro cilantro & roasted jalapeño-lime salsa on a flour tortilla.  Can you say JACKPOT.  This taco was fabulous.  

We were full.  Chef DeLeon had other plans for us, however.  THANK THE HEAVENS.  He sent out homemade churros with warm cajeta in the middle.  The churro was sweet and crispy with an amazingly soft dough encompassing the cajeta.  I don't care how full we were... we savored every last bit of this delicious masterpiece!

Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things is what life is all about.  Asking people for advice-can open your eyes to new perspectives and options that may not have otherwise been revealed. (Hence the reason we always ask "If I were never to come here again what should I get.")  Dates in different places creates a respite to which your minds can go when you are going through the motions of everyday life.  I promise you we will reminisce about our amazing time and experience with the heavenly food of Mi Dia From Scratch.  Check this place out.  You will be glad you did!