The Hampton Social, Chicago

We were treated to a Day Date this past weekend and oh my goodness was it amazing!  The Hampton Social is like nothing else that I've ever experienced in Chicago.  This upscale, swanky space is full of east coast good vibes .  From the moment we walked in we were greeted by friendly staff and a 'we could be here' all day feel!

Think yacht club meets sweet social setting.  It boasts the traditional white and blue decor that one would expect in, well, The Hamptons.  Comfy couches, floor to ceiling windows that open to the street, and hammocks to chill in. Seriously? How cool is that?

On the particular day that we were there there was a birthday party of middle twenty somethings that were going to Arlington Race Track- but had come to The Hampton Social sporting their cute hats and sipping on fun libations!  It actually helped set the scene for us even more so-which added to the wow factor- and we haven't even gotten to the food yet!!


Uhm hello yummy goodness. This food was outstanding  We were there with our family so we all decided to share.  Being the foodie crowd we are, no one can ever make up their mind, because we all want to try everything- we indulged our senses and did!

We started with the seafood tower.  Packed with jumbo shrimp, crab claws, oysters, tuna tartare... holy shmolly was it delicious.  The mustard sauce was to die for and all of the seafood was so fresh and amazing!!  We then treated ourselves to the Lobster Deviled Eggs- yeah I said Lobster.... they were incredible!!  Creamy-but not too wet- the pieces of Lobster were tender in your mouth- oh my yumminess!

Ok, so those were just a start... We then had the woodfired pizzas.  I'm serious the Mushroom Pizza was one of the best things I've ever had!!  It had roasted mushrooms truffle cream and arugula to give it that added spice... oh my goodness the aroma of the truffles were not even as fabulous as the creamy deliciousness itself. YOU MUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TRY THIS!  We also had the Lobster Pizza- when in Rome... It was spectacular as well!!  Full bites of lobster, potatoes and it also had arugula. Holy deliciousness!

I'm not going to lie- we flat out ate our way through the menu.  Next we had the Montauk Mac and the Mini Crab Cakes.  BEST EVER Lobster Mac I've had.  Lobster Claw, egg noodles, smoked cheddar and swiss chard...seriously I should have gone and sat in the corner- not allowing anyone a bite- I actually may have!!  The Mini Crab Cakes were again, not too wet, but packed with fresh crab. There was a corn relish and lemon aoli on the plate that really finished them off nicely.  SO GOOD!

We love to try different restaurants and we are always looking for new experiences- The Hampton Social nailed it!  If you are looking for amazing food set in a new and different- just plain cool- environment- THIS IS YOUR PLACE!!!  I felt like I was on vacation out east- and that's the point right?  A day date that takes you away for awhile! Truly spectacular.  This is one of those places that will be hard to top. Check them out- you'll be glad you did!